In honor of Donna Karan stepping down from her label, a chronological list of her best hits from
  1. 1992 - Candice Bergen
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    Bringing the cold shoulder to the Emmys
  2. 1995 - Dianne Wiest
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    Miles of black taffeta for the Oscars
  3. 1999 - Sarah Jessica Parker
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    Skies are blue at the Golden Globes
  4. 2001 - Winona Ryder
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    Who'd have guessed months later she would be arrested for shoplifting Donna Karan socks?
  5. 2004 - Cate Blanchett
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    At the Globes, killing it
  6. 2010 - Penelope Cruz
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    Architectural masterpiece at the Oscars
  7. 2014 - Jennifer Lopez
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    The basis of every great Donna Karan dress is a bodysuit
  8. 2014 - Sofia Vergara
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    The sparkliest mermaid ever
  9. 2015 - Viola Davis
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    Class act at the Globes
  10. 2015 - Diane Kruger
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    Is it a jumpsuit or a dress? Both win!