In Lisbon Maine in 1980
  1. When Vacation Bible School was over for the summer
  2. Writing down the titles of all my favorite songs - how did I know that would always be my favorite music?
  3. Playing Nancy Drew in the basement and outside on our bikes
  4. "Bottle looking" on our bikes and turning in our findings for penny candy at "Blair's"
  5. Carrying home stacks of Harlequin romances from the Lisbon Village Library
  6. Italians from Ronnie's
  7. Roller skating in the house
  8. Ice skating for miles on the Sabattus River
  9. Picking wild blueberries under the power lines
  10. Cross country skiing through the meadows on snow days
  11. Dr Demento ("fish heads fish heads rolly polly fish heads")
  12. Renting videos for a dollar
  13. Playing parachute in gym class to "Run you chicken fat run"
  14. School mashed potatoes and gravy