So dating in your 20's is hard... Especially when you have to resort to online dating. I wouldn't say that I am too picky, but I'm picky. These are the reasons that make me say "next!" To someone's dating profile
  1. If you don't post a picture of your face
    This includes a picture of your abs, or maybe your face but you have on sunglasses and a hat... What are you?! The naked unibomber?? Also... Ones that have quotes or memes as a picture... I'm just going to assume you are a catfish behind that computer screen
  2. You post pictures of you with lots of other people
    Why? I shouldn't have to try to figure out which one you are... Odds are you aren't the super hot one :/
  3. Gym selfies
    Are you working out? Doesn't look like it...
  4. If you don't smile showing your teeth
    This is a personal preference... A smile means a lot to me... If I can't see your teeth I am just going to assume you don't have any
  5. If you look like you don't keep up with yourself
    Extra weight is fine... I mean this more like shabby beard, long hair, looking all sweaty and unshowered. If this is your first impression and THIS is the good picture you have!? Um no!
  6. If you post tons of pictures with dead animals/fish and shit
    Gross! I don't know who you impress with your "big buck" but most girls don't get all hot and bothered by looking at dead animals.
  7. Missing articles of clothing
    Put your clothes on! That is all! If you show it all right away, I know I'm not the only girl seeing this
  8. Pictures with you by your big truck... In camo... Looking country AF
    Again... This is a personal preference. Being in Texas, I expect there to be a lot of hillbillies and country folk... I'm just not interested
  9. Car selfies with funny angles
    Why?! No car selfie looks good... Especially when I get to look up your nose...
  10. You doing weird shit
    I don't want to date someone who posts pictures of them streaking or passed out drunk at a party... Like what thought goes through your head "yeah, this shows how much baggage I have... She will love this"
  11. Bathroom selfies like a teenage girl
    Like why you gotta take a picture in the bathroom? Is that because that's the only place you get privacy from your mom/wife/kids?!
  12. Is that your ex!?
    If you post a picture that looks like you are dating the person in your picture I'm going to assume you are already taken... Or still burning a torch for an old flame. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  13. No Current photos
    Is that your senior picture from high school but you say that you're 30?! Does the year in the corner of that picture say 2005?! You have nothing current?! Is that because you are bald with a beer belly now??
  14. A combination of any of these
    Nothing will make me say no faster than seeing a picture of you from 2009 doing weird shit in the bathroom with nothing on except a camo hat and sun glasses. So many No's!!