Okay, so I have looked at your profile and you check out... That means you meet these qualification... In order
  1. You are older than me
  2. You don't look like a player
    It's hard to explain... But you know who you are
  3. Your profile name is... Normal
    You don't have obnoxious 69's or dirty sex things as a username... Or anything fm relating to your ignorance or lack of maturity... Eg. Legalizeit69 or bigdickdaddy69 or kissmyassgovt
  4. You haven't lied
    You don't say "I don't do drugs" then later say you love smoking weed... Or say that you're 27 but then later I find out your 56...
  5. You are taller than me
  6. You have more than a high school diploma... Or aren't trying for more
    There is nothing wrong with having a high school diploma... But I didn't go to college for 10 years to date a guy that dropped out :/
  7. You post your job
    If you don't post one I am just assuming you don't have one
  8. When you are actually looking for a relationship
    Do you find girls when you say you are looking for a hookup?! Really?!
  9. You have no children
    Sorry bro... I don't have any, I don't want to date someone that does
  10. You have a car
    It can be a hoop-t... I don't care if you have to Fred Flintstone around... Just have one
  11. You are ambitious/know what you want
    Nothing is more attractive to me than a guy that knows what he wants and is willing to work for it
  12. You don't so drugs
    I don't do them, you shouldn't either
  13. You have had a serious relationship
    I would hope by this point in your life you have committed to SOMEONE!
  14. You have something in your bio... And it is nothing skeezey... And we have common interests