PROOF all boxing movies are the same!

We have all seen some boxing movie... And despite the fact that they are ALL the same more and more boxing movies come out
  1. It starts with a "no name" underdog that is incredibly talented but also unfairly overlooked
  2. There is also a "down on his luck" trainer that just HAPPENS to stumble across this amazing talent at a moment of desperation that ignites a fire that never existed previously
    Well duh!
  3. Through some convincing, the "unpredictable" duo find hope to be the best team of all time and become determined through lots of unconventional training bits and some really moving/encouraging music
  4. Somehow, this is the time a completely unrelated (and truthfully... forced) side story emerges of burning love between the meat-head boxer and some doting and encouraging lady.
    Who didn't see that one coming!?
  5. Now that the boxer has his coach and the love of his life he is finally ready to beat all odds (including adversity). He gets ready for the final shootout... Or boxout... Or whatever.
    Of course!
  6. Then... Rest of the movie doesn't matter. They win some they lose some... But either way the boxer is proud of himself and his life (and ours) is changed forever!
    I wouldn't have it any other way
  7. Our hero is not phased by the fame and new-found success... He is just a humble, regular old Joe who is able to still appreciate the things that really matter in life
    Queue slow and motivational music... I'm sobbing at this point
  8. That's when we realize that whatever happens in life, success doesn't matter unless you are surrounded by the ones you love... Leaving us all inspired and determined to follow our dreams without stepping on the ones who helped get us there
    Who knew??
  9. The end... Until the sequel
    Which we all will be waiting on the edge of our seats in anticipation... To our surprise, will be just like the first!