Things I have NO time for!

I have come to realize that my time is very valuable... And as such there are things I believe I have absolutely no time for. Whether it is true or not, there are things I absolutely loath.
  1. Waiting in line for just about anything.
  2. Being stuck in traffic
  3. Finishing an entire round of antibiotics
  4. Looking for ANYTHING I've lost
  5. Waking up early
  6. Putting on my ENTIRE face
  7. Filling out surveys/responding to emails
  8. Actually checking my email
  9. Keeping up with social media
  10. Cooking or preparing meals
  11. Working at actually being fit
  12. Cleaning or picking up of any kind
  13. Listening to/following directions of any kind
  14. Drinking 64 oz of water a day
  15. Getting ready for bed