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For all of my fellow singletons this Valentine's Day. Bonus: You don't have to make an awkward trip to pick up a box of your stuff when it's over.
  1. "Somebody to Love" by Queen - I don't believe that a person needs to be part of a couple to have a meaningful and/or happy life, but sometimes it's nice to have someone to go to the movies with so you can comment out loud without looking like a crazy person. (Incidentally, also my favorite Queen song.)
  2. "Being Alive" from "Company" (any version) - Gorgeous song but I can't hear it without remembering the lines, "Don't be afraid it won't be perfect. The only thing to be afraid of is that it won't be." So, you know, no pressure there.
  3. "Cold Dark World" by Weezer - Slight stalker vibe. Easier to find endearing when it's imagined to be coming from someone too shy and uncertain to make a move.
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In no particular order.
  1. "What We Do in the Shadows" - I was hesitant to watch it because I thought there was no way it could live up to my expectations, but it exceeded them within the first 15 minutes. Pair with "Shaun of the Dead" for an excellent double feature.
  2. "The Devil's Backbone" - This has been on my list forever and now I'm mad that it took me so long to watch it. It has a very fairytale vibe to it (but will never beat "Pan's Labyrinth" - nothing will.)
  3. "Laggies" - I believe the main character is supposed to be in her late 20s, but the realization that the path you set for yourself isn't the the right one and the uncertainty that follows will resonate at any age.
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