I babysit occasionally and some parents understand how to make babysitting enjoyable. Others don't.
  1. Do order out for food.
    Extra points if you text the babysitter with food order options. This one family always texts me if I'm feeling Mexican or Italian. I love them.
  2. Don't treat them like "The Help"
    Don't tell me the kids haven't eaten and they're starving and I should get cracking on their chicken nuggets. 😑
  3. Make them feel like they're at home!
    Let them know that they can help themselves to any food or drinks in the kitchen (keep it well stocked), give them the wifi password, show them how the TV works. Once the kids go to sleep, I continue living. It's nice to be entertained.
  4. Do text if you're going to be late!
    I don't mind if you're having so much fun at the party that you don't want to leave! Stay out, have a great, kid-free evening! JUST LET ME KNOW.
  5. In the wise words of Rihanna, "Pay me what you owe me."
    I'm always up front with how much I charge, so don't act surprised when pay time comes.
  6. Don't make it weird at pay time.
    I once had a father come home from an evening out, and ask me what time I came in, and paid me down to the minute. That's fine, but it made me feel incredibly awkward when he said "yeah, that's a lot of money."
  7. Offer them a ride home!
    Especially if you live in a city like San Francisco, and you know your babysitter didn't drive their own car, it's nice to say "Hey, let me send you home in an Uber." So appreciated!!
  8. If you treat me nice, I'll do nice things for you!
    If you and your kids are super sweet, and I get treated nicely. I love to pick up a bit, do the dishes, etc. You treat me like I'm just there to entertain your kids, I won't do anything outside that. 😀