Sometimes, when I'm on my phone, I'll see a picture of an outfit I need to reproduce. I'll snap a picture and reference it later when I'm already 20 minutes late for work. These are just a few I have on my phone.
  1. I have no idea which Olson twin this is, but I mean, come onnnnnn.
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  2. I think I liked this one because I owned everything in this picture. Outfit = made.
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  3. Distressed boyfriend jeans and strappy sandals? Why didn't I think of this combo before?
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  4. Chambray shirt and patterned pants, with a boho bag? Love!
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  5. I've been searching everywhere for what to pair with my hot pink Rebecca Minkoff bag. Now I know.
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  6. No idea what I would wear this to, but it seemed "adult" to me.
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  7. Ugh. In the words of Rachel Zoe. "I die."
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  8. Ascot + Hart are so cute. I want to be like them when I grow up.
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  9. Adorbs.
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  10. Supes adorbs.
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