Recent References Between My Sister & I

My siblings and I communicate through references from movies and television, sometimes almost exclusively. This drives @EpicureanCrusader and @audra_k_ob insane. The references and quotes on this list happened within a 3 hour time period this morning.
  1. Stanley Yelnats - Holes
    This was in reference to the trunk she has in her room. We both agreed that it looks like Stanley Yelnats' trunk.
  2. Lunch Lady Land - SNL
    My dad said he's currently dating someone who plans children's school lunches, which then sent my sister and I into signing Lunch Lady Land in perfect unison.
  3. "You chose poorly" - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    This was said at breakfast... I believe it was about someone's poor order choice.
  4. "Num Num Num Num Num! Delicioso!" - Mochila from Dora the Explorer
    Also said at breakfast, it was a muy delicioso chorizo scramble. Don't ask why we know this quote and use it all the time. We are definitely too old to know about Dora the Explorer.
  5. "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! You're cool. Fuck you! I'm out!" - Half Baked
    This was in reference to Meghan's co-worker who's last day was yesterday and he basically had this attitude at work.
  6. "I'm readyyyyyy to (party) move my shit." - Bridesmaids
    Sometimes we'll switch up quotes to fit our situation. We're cool and clever like that.
  7. "Pretty good (pleading) planning." - The Little Rascals
    Same here with the changing up of the quotes. This was in reference to how she had planned out her move from one room to another in the same house.
  8. "Man in the box, get back in the box!" Which then led to, "AND WE'RE BAAAACK!!!" - SNL
    This one is a stretch, but it was in reference to getting Meghan's bed on her box spring.
  9. "Get out of my swamp!!" - Shrek
    Have no clue how this one came up.
  10. "Watch out, it's gonna fall!" turned into, "Watch out! They spit!" - Aladdin
    Meghan started fiddling with a light fixture directly above her head.
  11. "Honestly!!" - Austin powers
    This one is said literally every time we're together. It's like a sentence enhancer for us at this point.