My dog, Gator, loves to watch TV. When he sees certain things, he freaks out. Here's a list of those things.
  1. Horses.
    Real or cartoons. Doesn't matter, he hates them.
  2. Birds.
    Especially seagulls. Sometimes he doesn't even need to see them, as long as he hears them, he barks.
  3. Other dogs.
    Commercials, TV, movies, cartoons... There are a surprising amount of dogs on television. He usually runs around in circles in front of the tv while growling whenever he sees them.
  4. Mean faces.
    If there's ever a tight shot of a character making a mean face, he loses it. Game of Thrones is out of the question.
  5. Anything with loud violins.
    I think he picks up on the intensity of the moment, and he does not like it!
  6. Raccoons.
    They're like a cross between a cat and a dog. Way too confusing, might as well bark until it goes away.
  7. Babies.
    This is a new one and a little terrifying considering @EpicureanCrusader and I would like to have kids sometime in our lives. I think Gator just doesn't like the crying sounds they make, and let's face it, who does?