1. Stop looking for home inside of other people. It's inside of yourself. The relationship between your own mind and body is the most intimate one you will ever have.
  2. Even when you are at your most bruised and broken, you can still stand tall.
  3. Ignore mens' compliments, judgements, and attempts at romance. Develop yourself, your art, and your friendships, and men will come to you on their own somewhere down the road.
  4. Take care of yourself. Nap when you're tired, reach out when you're lonely, and get help when you need it.
  5. Trust other girls. They don't hate you and they're not out to get you like the media may lead you to believe
  6. Know that you are pretty, smart, and interesting. Know that you are worth someone's time, effort, and love. Do not wait for a man to tell you these things for you to believe them.
  7. Beauty fades. It is not reliable, but subjective and fluctuating. Take up space not because you are beautiful, but because you deserve to be where you are and do what you want. Ignore the gaze of the public and focus on what you are accomplishing.