Misconceptions I Had As A Child

  1. I thought science was going to be really interesting and my favorite subject. I watched all those fun "science experiment" commercials on PBS, before textbooks and lackluster teachers ruined science for me.
  2. I thought that Shut Up was the meanest thing you could say to someone.
  3. I thought that sticking out your tongue at someone meant you loved them. (?)
  4. I thought that Tomorrow from Annie was the best song ever. (Still speculating on that one.)
  5. I thought that if you rode a roller coaster, you would get brain damage.
    Thanks, Mom.
  6. I thought those Tweety Bird ice cream pops from the ice cream truck were the best ice cream ever.
    Just wait till you try Ben & Jerry's, baby Erin.
  7. On the first day of Kindergarten, I was very disappointed to see no desks and no globe. I had memorized the "Molly Goes To School" set in the American Girl catalogue and really thought that's how school would be in real life.
  8. I thought that the magazine clippings of angels that my mom hung on the wall were real, and that she was my actual, real life guardian angel.
  9. I also thought that the devil my mom told me about was real, along with hell, and after she explained those concepts to me, I lived in terror of them both.