1. Lucy (my dog) would wonder where I'd gone
  2. All the songs I've written deserve to at least be played and recorded
  3. I haven't watched the latest episode of How To Get Away With Murder
    But I've heard it's really shitty so...
  4. My rapist will think he won
  5. There's one season left of Pretty Little Liars
  6. My ex would think he's responsible/important in my life. (He's not.)
  7. The cranberries I bought would go rotten.
  8. I have six cigarettes left that would never get smoked.
  9. People would think my apartment is cursed since the last guy who lived in it also died in it. It's really a nice little apartment.
  10. I would never get to see Brandon again or hear his voice one last time or know exactly what shade of blue his eyes are now or count the freckles on his face.