I've been 22 for six days and this is what's bothering me so far
  1. Men
    Every time I think they can't disappoint me anymore than they already have, they outdo themselves yet again.
  2. People who hate radical feminists
    We are not responsible for the system that is oppressing you. We are trying to abolish that system. Wake up.
  3. Anti-immigration policies
    So if one out of two hundred police officers shoots an unarmed citizen, it's fine, but if one in two hundred thousand refugees has a connection to a terrorist group, it's unacceptable? Ok...
  4. Parents who allow their children to transition because they don't conform to gender roles
    "My son likes to play with Barbies and wear dresses so I'm going to let him take mind and body altering hormones that may or may not be harmful to his health down the line because I can't handle a child that doesn't abide by the gender roles set up by capitalism." "YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION."
  5. People who don't think we need feminism in modern times
    Two thirds of illiterate adults in the world are women. 98% of sex trafficking victims in the world are women and girls. 800 women die everyday from preventable causes due to childbirth. Rapists can legally sue their victims for child custody in thirty-one US states. Less than a third of women living in the US have access to abortions. The feminist movement is nowhere near over.
  6. Mental Illness
    Everything is literally fine but I still feel like I'm dying 78% of the time? WTF brain
  7. Anything less than enthusiastic consent
    Oh, you had sex with a wasted girl at a frat party last night? Cool story bro, tell it again but to the cops this time
  8. The South
    And any other place where racists feel comfortable
  9. Men
    I told you, every time I think I've dealt with them enough they pop up again to tell me to smile or explain what feminism really is
  10. People who think feminism is about equality
    Why do you think I want to be just like the class that oppresses me, or that masculinity is any less of a prison than femininity?
  11. Donald Trump
    And any society that allotted him an ounce of celebrity/credibility, much less would consider placing him in a position of leadership
  12. The rate at which my life is moving
    I used to want to be married by 24. Now I just hope for health insurance and my dog to still be alive
  13. The Republican Party
    If there's money in your budget for gay conversion therapy, you need to rethink your fucking budget
  14. Birth Control
    Tell me again why the responsibility is on women to take daily pills, insert metal contraptions into their uteruses, get shots, and have implants put into their arms, when all that science has produced for men to do is wear a condom?
  15. Trigger happy cops
    Because I shouldn't feel like I have to pull out my phone and film whenever I see a person of color being questioned.
  16. #BlueLivesMatter
    You sign up to be a cop knowing that you'll be putting yourself into dangerous situations everyday. People of color are signed up to that just by being born.
  17. Victim Blaming
    Because everything happens for a reason, and the reason is your skirt was too short.
  18. Instagram Beauty Culture
    Kylie Jenner didn't just go through puberty, she goes through millions of dollars and a team of professionals daily.
  19. People Who Aren't Voting
    Let's stop normalizing this. It's weird, gross, and irresponsible to care so little for the world you and your future children will grow up in.
  20. Drag Queens
    Being a woman DOES NOT equal lots of make up, high heels, and a high pitched voice. Those are exactly the stereotypes that have led to our dehumanization. A woman is not a costume to try on, it's a group of people who are oppressed due to their biology.
  21. White People who say N*gg*r
  22. Hijabs
    Stop saying it's a choice. In some countries, it is ILLEGAL to take it off. Girls are denied an education if they remove it. That's not a "choice."
  23. People who Hate Hilary Clinton as much as Donald Trump
    She had held her head high through the never ending shit storm that stained much of her life, all thanks to men. Whether it was her husband's affair, her husband's rape scandals, Donald Trump's bullying, or the rampant sexism in politics overall, she has never lost her temper or given up.
  24. People who think Mexicans are Stealing Our Jobs
    Yet those same people wouldn't be caught dead working in a field or cleaning public restrooms.
  25. Men who Claim that they are Females Because they Wear Dresses
    This is a special type of man who is even more disappointing than the previously mentioned men.
  26. Bill Cosby Supporters
    Because it's easier to believe a man who made a living off of pretending to be someone else than fifty women saying the same thing.
  27. The Mean Girls Trope
    Most girls don't hate other girls. We want to uplift and support each other.