Educate me on these things and we will be best friends!
  1. How this whole Iran mess started
    I know that the CIA overthrew Iran's democratically elected leader in 1953 because he wouldn't concede to the West's oil demands. This led to the return of a shah, which led to Iran's revolution, and their current dictatorship... why don't people talk about this? I want details and receipts on the USA being shitty and at fault for ruining Iranian democracy pls.
  2. WOLF: Women's Liberation Front
    Who has joined? What are they currently doing? How can I become a member? Am I even eligible? Are their groups in my area? What are the details about their lawsuit against the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Education?
  3. Marxism
    What exactly are the beliefs of Marxists? I know they believe in sex oppression and reproductive injustice for females, but what else do I agree with them on?
  4. Swing States
    Which red states are turning blue? How close are they? What's the data and what can I do to help?
  5. Female and POC Literature Recommendations
    I'm not trying to read all the "classics" written by straight white dudes.
  6. Documentary Recommendations on Netflix and Hulu
    Female-centric appreciated but not required!
  7. Puberty Blockers
    I know these have some serious side affects and horror stories that come with. And there have been some lawsuits filed. Would love to get more info on this.
  8. Carter Page
    Is he Donald Trump's link to the Kremlin??
  9. Sexism within the MPAA rating system
    Is anything being done about this? I have yet to watch the documentary about it, "This Film Is Not Yet Rated," and really want to
  10. The witch hunts in Medieval times
    I know the so-called "witches" focused on female issues such as period pains, childbirth, and pregnancies. What knowledge has been lost and what is being recovered? Does modern medicine take the findings seriously? How much was natural and plant-derived? Also: what is the Voynich manuscript?!? (Forgive me my ignorance.)
  11. Dr. Martin Luther King
    We all know his popularized quotes and the sound bytes from his speeches, but I would love to learn about his theories, long term plans, and the questions about how he died.