Thanks friend for this request!! I miss being active I should change that...
  1. How to express myself
    I once knew and forgot and it took a safe community that's very supportive to get me there again. It's so important to write things down and not hold in. You don't think it'll make a difference but it does. My early listing days helped me move on from a lot of stuff in my past, it really did genuinely help.
  2. It's easy to make friends with ANYONE
    I've made friendships on here from people of all ages and different backgrounds. As someone who's really shy, it's hard for me to connect this in real life, but on here it's so beautifully easy.
  3. I love writing
    It's an easy thing to forget when you're tired of being a student. When I started I put all my creativity and made some really fun and humorous lists. When people I recognize as being funny cool people like my content I got the confidence I needed to continue.
  4. What's worth sharing
    I.e. I'm so over social media departure posts. 🙄
  5. That we think in lists.
    It's never something I thought about before, but whether it is a normal physical list or flowing of thoughts it does maintain that structure. @veshecco As I was reading lists to get ideas I had written this out before seeing yours, sorry but guess we learned the same. 😘
  6. You can be really attached to people you've never met before and like real people they come and go
    I never understood how people could feel close to someone they've never met, like when I watch Catfish lol. But now I do. As a community we have had ups and downs. We've lost people near and dear to us due to tragedy. Listers we love just stop writing. And I find myself missing all these people I once talked to on a daily basis.
  7. List meetups are the BEST
    I've only been to 2, but I met so many lovely people on here. I once said it's like meeting the characters in your favorite book. So crazy to see we are all real as lame as that sounds. Also the only online meetup where I never feel stranger danger.
  8. That's it's possible to have a really cool life
    I've lacked passion for a long time and all of you are so inspiring. You guys move across country/world! You have cool jobs you love! You have awesome families! You found love! It's different reading things from a first hand source and knowing hey life is going to be okay.
  9. I can't wait to be a mom
    I mean I can wait... but I love mom(and dad) lists. I look forward to having lil hell raisers of my own one day and sharing the silly things they do.
  10. To not give a fUcK
    This kind of ties in with expressing myself. But things are easier to let go once you write it all down. Sometimes others don't love what you write but you have to learn to not care. And it does sting to lose a follower but it fluctuates so much that hey it's whatever, if you don't like what I write that's totally fine. I'm just going to go down my journey and if you want to come too...awesome!