In my creative writing class I took we had to write 6 word stories and I love the idea. Please add your own if ya want ☺️
  1. He couldn't watch her get married.
  2. They ran across the border safely.
  3. I made her turkey. She's vegetarian.
  4. And suddenly love was not enough.
  5. A photo album of forgotten faces.
  6. He walked on stage feeling alive.
  7. His bare hands shook the cup.
  8. I came. I saw. I conquered.
    I guess it's only three words in the original Latin but YOLO
    Suggested by @evanp
  9. I swiped right. He swiped left.
    Suggested by @katolson
  10. She found his hiccups increasingly annoying.
    Suggested by @kstud
  11. He should have looked both ways.
    Suggested by @Jac
  12. She held the noose. Pretty. Heavy.
    Suggested by @Igor
  13. He wrote a six word story.
    Suggested by @evanp
  14. She cried, "don't take my baby".
    Suggested by @Samuel
  15. He smelled just like the ocean.
    Suggested by @christine
  16. The wind, wiping away her tears.
    Suggested by @mkz
  17. She walked away without looking back.
    Suggested by @kaelliope
  18. The guard dropped dead. I ran.
    Suggested by @Zeealist
  19. "It's a girl!"they said. I cried. ☺
    Suggested by @brookbabbles
  20. The mouse went up the clock.
    Suggested by @BrentMWiggins