Dedicated to my bestfriend @christine who's been by my side since I was 5. I can't give you a card since you're so far from me right now so here's a card in list form. And need to post this now since you're hours ahead of me!
  1. She was always my best friend since I was little - can't you tell from this drawing I did in 1999?
    I apparently draw antlers on you if I love you
  2. I also once wrote down in a journal from the same year she was so beautiful she looked like a mermaid
  3. Here's a quick visual of little us
  4. We used to play a game where one person would stand on this wall while the other person pelted them with tennis balls. We called it target. Obviously I now realize that's a terrible game.
    Here's Chrissy reenacting the good ole times!
  5. She's very into farming and one of my best days was when she dragged me out to farm with her. Her little brother ate the weeds because he thought he had to since the farmer said they were edible. We cried from laughing.
  6. She once wore this all day around an amusement park and people swore and spit at her.
  7. That same day we did one of those crazy drop things and it was incredible.
  8. This isn't even photoshopped!
  9. I once saw Shrek The Musical to spite her because she couldn't.
  10. We were band geeks and this was a Halloween game. Many more like this.
  11. Us being soooo patriotic
  12. We stayed friends through the straight bang phases. That's love.
  13. Chrissy is the reason I'm alive.
  14. I know that's a bold statement but her support made me never give up.
  15. I was a high mantinence friend: depressive episodes, bad home life, shy to the extreme!
  16. But she never gave up on me. Lucky she lived around the corner and her house was my safe house.
  17. The only time I ever "ran away" from home was because there was a bad alcoholic episode happening in my house so I went to her house. She wasn't even home but her parents took me in and listened to me and let me cry on their shoulders for HOURS. That means so much to me I tear up just thinking about it.
  18. That being said, she has made me apart of her family and I don't know if she will understand how important that was/is for me. They have even taken me on so many cool adventures!
  19. Every Broadway show I've seen has been with her AND my love of theater heavily influenced by her. I do my best to see every show she's in, I loved them all (yes Chrissy even Fairytale Treehouse or whatever it's called but you know what I mean)
    Our most recent - I didn't want to see this musical with anyone else!
  20. They took me skiing with them (even though I was snowboarding). Which by the way I full on landed on my head, split my helmet in half and her dad immediatley bought me a new helmet. So nice!
  21. Whenever Chrissy and I hangout I always want to go over. No need to go out. Family dinners at her house make me so happy. I LOVE HER AND HER FAMILY. I can't say it enough. It's just laughs after laughs.
  22. We live 5 minutes away and live in a very gated community. It's important to note because at 12am I used to be terrified to walk home alone. Now that I've lived in Dorchester/Roxbury I realize how crazy I was because I do that there all the time. BUT Chrissy was always there to assist me. Even when she had her junior operating license.
    She drove next to me as I walked. True friend. And even now when I promise I'm fine, at 23 she still gives me a ride home.
  23. My parents adore her. She was always the point of reference. "Can I ___?" If Chrissy did it I could do it basically.
  24. Chrissy is one of those people who is friends with everyone. It's really hard to share your best friend - I want her all the time! But I recognize how important it is for all of us to have a little bit (or a ton) of Chrissy in our lives.
    My fav pic of us because it's so bad it's good
  25. She is responsible for a good chunk of my appearance. What I mean is those makeover montage scenes in movie was her for me real life. There was a point I didn't want to buy clothes if it wasn't approved by her first.
    I mean look at what I was
  26. Also tmi but I've been going to the doctors every week for months at this point and my anxiety is through the roof. Chrissy sat in the doctors with me a few weeks ago while I got a Pap smear. She has basically seen the motherland and still wants to be my friend. LIKE HOW!
  27. This girl just graduated from Northeastern through the co-op program where she's gone abroad THREE TIMES! This girl takes the cards she was dealt and lays out a royal flush.
  28. She's in England right now so say hi if you're there too! I always selfishly await for her return.
  29. Her resume is crazy impressive and I know she's going to go on to do phenomenal things. Chrissy was born to live life to the fullest. She's done more at 23 than people do in their whole life!
  30. I'm just so lucky to even know you Chrissy, but I'm blessed to call you my best friend. I love you so much.❤️