A picture for every month of 2016 🎉

I'm slacking on my lists I'll get better I promise.
  1. January: My list was featured on CNBC 📺💸
  2. February: I turned 23🍰
  3. March: I found out I had the BRCA1 gene and my friends showed their love. Sky made me this awesome card filled with funny pics of us. 🏩
  4. April: I cut all my hair off and donated it. My hair was down to my hips so this was a huge change.💇🏼
  5. May: I went to a live li.st show and it was everything I hoped for and more. 💾🔴
    Hey guys!
  6. Bonus: The best shot I got of @Nicholas at li.st live.
  7. June: Found this graffiti I became obsessed with because I'm an Aquarius ♒️
  8. July: Celebrated graduation with some of my best friends in the Cape💛
  9. August: I saw Blink-182!!!🎸🎤
  10. September: Played around in a field of sunflowers with my very best friend🌻
  11. October: Did some cool skull makeup for Halloween💀💀
  12. November: My first high school reunion which had everyone real drunk real quick🍻
  13. December: Played around with the shadow machine at the Museum of Science in Boston🔦