23 isn't old but these got me feeling like the crypt keeper
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    @christine and I watched cheaper by the dozen last night and I AM OLDER THAN ALL TWELVE DAMN KIDS even the one that was dating Ashton Kutcher who should clearly be older was marked as 22 in the film
    *silently sings simple plan "im just a kid and life is a nightmare" over and over*
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    Being older than all members of One Direction
    This is the first "boy band" truly past my era RIPπŸ™
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    Rewatching Hey Arnold and remembering how scared of 5th graders they were, and I mean they aren't that wrong middle schoolers are the scariest age of all.
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    Those obnoxious posts everywhere that are like SHREK CAME OUT TEN YEARS AGO!!!??!!!!!
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    Being older than The Beatles when they formed
    I guess I can kiss my music career buhbye
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    Listening to Blink 182 and putting all my heart and soul into singing along to NOBODY LIKES YOU WHEN YOU'RE 23!!!!!!!! Because it somehow makes you feel at one with being shitty and it's okay
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    Taking some weird comfort in the fact I still can't rent a carπŸš—πŸš•πŸš™
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    Or get the happy ending Sundae at Friendly's
    So happy
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    Or receive the 10% senior citizen discount at the local toy store Eureka I worked at
    I had to visibly judge if someone was 65 so I either really offended someone (but hey they got 10% off so shush) or really complimented someone but then angered them for not giving them 10% off and re-ringing their entire order