1. Yoda obi-wan for me
  2. I've been looking for you in Alderaan places
  3. Is that a light saber in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  4. *Pretends to use Jedi mind trick with flirty commands*
  5. Ask me out you will
    Just Yoda speak literally anything it gives guys a real mental boner
  6. What's your Boba Fettish?
  7. I've found the droid I was looking for
  8. Don't make like Han and ride solo
  9. R4 is Red R2 is Blue If I was the force, then I'd be with you!
  10. Dissing the newer makes isn't an official pick up line but it still works
  11. Leia's buns got nothing on yours
  12. The force is strong... in my pants.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  13. Let's get matching tatooines.
    Suggested by @alissamaynot
  14. Those are just the boobs I'm looking for.
    Suggested by @jillbasinger
  15. I'd love to throw myself into your Sarlac Pit sometime…
    Suggested by @Dustin