Some of these are still applicable
  1. Floop from Spy Kids
    I really wish I could explain this one
  2. Matt from Lizzie McGuire
    I was weird he was weird
  3. Uncle Jesse from Full House
    Have Mercyyyy
  4. Alan Twitty from Even Stevens
    He was my intro to the typical cool guy with a guitar
  5. Louis from Even Stevens
    I would probably make a great couple with grown up Louis honestly
  6. Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World
    I don't think a character on TV makes me laugh as hard as he does
  7. Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World
    Don't let te Eskimos get in the way
  8. David from Roseanne
    I was upset with the final episode of Roseanne when it was an alternate universe because he belonged with Darlene
  9. Danny Phantom
    A teenage boy who was also a ghost? But not all the time? Could a girl want more?
  10. TJ from Recess
    A boy who could rule the playground seemed ideal back then
  11. Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender
    I was too old to have a crush on a cartoon at this point