Currently have one!🤒😖
  1. Are you bloating? YES!
  2. But to be clear - you're not PMSing or on your period? YES!
  3. Menstrual like pain even when not on your period? YES!
  4. Nauseous? YES!
  5. Gassy? YES!
  6. Pain during sex? YES!
  7. Breasts are tender? YES!
  8. Occasional targeted sharp pains in area of ovary? YES!
  9. Advil not helping the pain much? YES!
  10. 🚨however DO NOT self diagnose yourself these are symptoms of a lot of things🚨
  11. Always go to a doctor - an ultra sound and negative STI/pregnancy tests are how I got diagnosed
  12. Monitor your pain and let your doctor know if it gets significantly worse because an ovarian cyst comes in all shapes and sizes, have different make ups and can rupture and be potentially life threatening!
  13. Rupture symptoms: fever, short of breath, and spotting (and of course shooting pain)
  14. But also don't be me and spend forever on WebMD convincing yourself you're on your death bed THIS IS VERY NORMAL FOR ALL WOMEN!