I'm getting much better but I used to have realllllly bad insomnia
  1. It's 12:30am and you're like oh em gee can't sleep #insomnia
  2. If you haven't been awake for 48 hours straight before
  3. If you don't fall asleep during the day at the worst times
  4. Don't hate 4am
  5. If you get 6-8 hours of sleep and complain about it
  6. If some bitch in high school acted weirded out that you had insomnia
    Okay this one isn't relatable probably but I gave a presentation on the brain chemistry of insomnia and she was like "youuu have insomnia???" in a gross valley girl voice. Whatever poor girl didn't know Japan was an island
  7. Your creepy neighbor didn't call your parents to tell them you've been awake all night
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    Also not relatable of course but ????????