My hometown❤️🏡
  1. Maudslay
    My favorite place in the entire world. It's a huge state park that was once an old plantation. It's supposively "haunted" but who knows. You can also ride horses through here which is cool. I've brought everyone I know here - it's a must go especially in the fall 🍂🍁🌲🌳
  2. Plum Island
    The beach! We are so lucky to have a beach. It has a scary undertow though I almost drowned once but other than that it's lovely.
  3. Oldies
    I love this store! It's a marketplace that sells antiques and old fashioned things. Every time I go in there I see like 10 things I want. I got a really cool old The Doors poster there😁
  4. Seawall
    It's a really nice short walk around the water. Me and sky made up "sloshing" so when the tide when out we would walk as far as we could out in the muck.
  5. Perkins
    This was my playground growing up. Lots of good memz here. Me and @sky grew up always playing here. Sorry sky I know you hate me for this pic, to be fair everyone's she's prob 14.
  6. Market Sq
    Especially during Christmas time. It's basically the center of Newburyport. It has lots of food Coffee n stuff.
  7. Cafe Di Siena
    My fav lil cafe ever. Me and my friends order coffees and stay here for hours. They also have really good desserts. Occasionally they will have live music too for local artists.
  8. The Jewel in the Crown
    Hands down the best Indian Food I've ever had in my life. I used to go there so much the guy who worked there knew me and my friends and what our orders were.
  9. The Tannery
    The tannery is a group of stores connected through old mills. There's a farmers market that happens between the stores every weekend! This is where I had my first job at a toy store called Eureka and also where I met my first love🙈
  10. The Mall (not pronounced like a shopping mall)
    Severely underrated. If you want peace and quiet go here and read. They freeze the pond in winter for an ice skating rink!
  11. Colby Farm Sunflower Field
    Every year around August/September this sunflower field appears and it brings in a lot of people to take pics.
  12. The Boardwalk
    A lovely strip to walk or sit along the water. Here is one of the ships from Pirates Of The Carribean that chilled there for awhile.
  13. Our high school football stadium
    Only because that's where my friend group goes late at night to catch up if we haven't seen each other in awhile. We walk to the highest point of the bleachers and stargaze - they sky is so clear😍 the cops get called on us almost every time and then they see were are just stargazing and are like "oh. Just keep doing what you're doing." Also lol only have a marching band photo to show for the stadium.
  14. The Thirsty Whale
    This one is a joke because it's the townie bar where only a certain crowd *coughmiddleagedweirdoscough* go and they're always drunk outside the bar smoking. My friends and I joke about eventually going there and some actually have!