1. Hello! How are you?!
  2. Here's a lil list if you need help :D
  3. I'm about to graduate college in 3 weeks finally wahooo
  4. That being said I will finally have time to read and I need new books
    I love scifi/fantasy/women studies/memoirs
  5. I am a huuuuuuge chocolate fan so if you need to go super cheap this year please don't hesitate on getting me some I would be forever greatful
  6. I am also really into Star Wars and Harry Potter 😁
  7. I'm a huge animal lover of all kinds so you're free to get me a puppy if you would like to
  8. Nice toilet paper
    Yep I know, you weren't expecting that one but Charmin is a blessing when you live with multiple roomies in college and gotta use the cheap stuff constantly
  9. I love makeup and body lotion stuff so if you happen to have a knack for that stuff then cool cool
  10. Candles!!!
    I'm a candlholic - it's just so nice to come home after a long day and light one. Pink Sands from Yankee is my fav but that's expensive as **** so I always happily settle for Marshall's/TJ Maxx candles
  11. If you feel inspired to do something homemade plzzzz do because then I can always remember you ❤️ lame but truuu
  12. Thank you ahead of time! I can't wait 🎅
    And thanks @ChrisK 🙏