Gifs that'll make you fall in love with @minabird

Meet my best friend and love of my life @minabird
  1. Batman Marisa
  2. So talented
  3. Me scaring the shit out of her
  4. Being cocky
  5. Can't explain this one
  6. Leaving school in style
  7. Prob laughing at her own joke
  8. I don't even knuuu (nuthin jun snuuu)
  9. Covering all the lame magazines with Jesus
  10. That's all her rent money btw
  11. Her natural habitat
  12. She was flirting with some guy while secretly taking an important quiz
  13. "I'm in love with the coco"
    Note: she likes wearing mine and her other bffs blanket for comfort
  14. "Who you calling pinhead?"
  15. Us being Oompa Loompa's