Thank you for this request 💛 decided to save it for today because it's my moms 63rd birthday!!
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    "I.W.A." : That's what she says but what it stands for is Italian women's ass. My mom has got a BUTT and every year mine seems to jump a size but I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE! I love looking like a 🍐 genuinely!
  2. • Okay this she inherited from me. She doesn't have an account but it brings her great joy to read a list I've written. She bought me a book on how to blog because she thinks I should take it a step further. She knows who a lot of you are and is always asking questions about y'all!
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    TV habits: @minabird says we watch movies the same. She jumps/laughs/screams ect at the same parts of movies she's seen over and over. I tried to joke about it when I was told "that's you too!" It's cute.
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    Dance moves: I was alone in the kitchen cleaning while singing and clapping my hands vigorously and stopped abruptly saying "oh my god I'm my mother" because she boogies and claps while cleaning.
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    Being a nerd: Watching the Doctor Who Christmas special is a tradition for an example. Also raised me on Star Wars and turned me into the Wookie I am. She loves Harry Potter more than anyone I know and brought me to all the midnight releases, book parties, and some early day before release screenings.
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    Caring about everyone before herself: it's a blessing and a curse
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    Patience: I'm working on this but my mom has more patience than anyone I know the stuff she wades through I don't know how I'll achieve that level.
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    Understanding: my mom knows every mistake I've made in my life even the ones mom's may not want to hear and she has open arms for me every time. I can't believe how lucky I am and I hope to give that to my future child.
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    Support: Grades, boys, sex, friends, money ect no matter what has stuck through all my issues and helped build me back up.
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    She's the star in my night sky I look to when lost. I love you to the moon and back❤️🌑❤️