1. A Sega Genesis
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    Complete with Sonic of course
  2. A Furby
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    Actually a demon though
  3. A My Chemical Romance poster
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    Three Cheers For the beginning of my Emo phase
  4. A tamagotchi
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    Remember it dancing next to its poop?
  5. A hella old computer
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    When procrastination was playing solitaire and minesweeper
  6. An old cd book
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    Hanson and Aaron Carter represent
  7. A never used Farmville gift card
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    Any takers?
  8. 5 Pikachu figurines
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    That Pikachu stapler though
  9. A solid old drawing from elementary school
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    A good insight to who I am today
  10. Good ol baby pictures
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    DC should've hired me