if anyone has any I'd love to hear them
  1. Watched a PETA video at Warped Tour for $1 then used the dollar on a sausage later
    This was a complete mistake I didn't realize it until much later
  2. ACCIDENTALLY gave a blind couple wrong directions
    I won't stop hating myself ever
  3. Learned about the "McDonaldization" of education and then I went to McDonalds after class because it made me hungry
    McDonaldization: fast/efficient way of doing things for more output and small input ex. Standardized tests how it's a quick way to get results but very low quality
  4. My sister was recently diagnosed with celiac and is very annoyed by this. She came to visit my parents and I excitedly baked her her favorite sour cherry custard tart to…rub it in I guess. I am not a smart man.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey