Whenever I go home I love reading my little kid journals. Here are my favorites from this one.
  1. Topic: something I can do now that I could not do last year 9/11/01
    "I could not do cursuve last year but j can this year. I also could not do times. Last year I could not juggle that well. I'm smarter than I was last year." I added this one because it was on 9/11/01 and this was definitley written early that day because we were sent home early. Just crazy how innocent that small journal entry is on such a tragic day.
  2. Topic: How I helped someone 9/18/01
    "I helped my mom when her back hurt by not giving her a hard time. I help my dad by not giving him that hard of a time."
  3. Topic: something I hope will happened to me 11/29/01
    "I hope I will win one million dollars and buy a lot of cats! And be a zillionair and live in a fancy house for ever. I would want to help all the poor people live like mother Terisa."
  4. Topic: a talent I wish I had 3/4/02
    "A talent I wish I had is communicate with my dog. If I could I could tell her knot to chew my toys and eat my dinner when she wants to. If I could talk to my dog I would ask her if she loves me, I bet she would say yes."