Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I 100% lived in a haunted house
  2. Scratch that, we were poor and it was a cottage that was moved from the beach to the town BY OXEN a couple hundred years ago so that sets the scene
  3. This is not one ghost story just small things my family members and I experienced
  4. When I was 8 I was having trouble falling asleep and my door was open which was across from the stairs. There was a man sitting on the stairs dressed in colonial clothing writing in a book with a quill. He waved at me and I waved back and then he continues writing. About 5 minutes later he disappeared.
    FIGHT ME I know what I saw and my hometown was the original import area before Boston was hence why we are called "the clippers"
  5. There was a bad presence that liked my room.
  6. Once my cousin left her keys in my room and ran up to get them but they were nowhere to be found. We all knew this place was haunted af so she left my room and said out loud "give my keys back" my door SLAMMED and when she went back in the keys were on my bed
  7. One time I was chilling in my room and my large pile of VHS' which were stacked all flew off the tv AT THE SAME TIME IN THE SAME POSTION meaning they didn't topple down they were lifted and dropped
  8. Constant thumping in my closet all night
  9. My dad said he would hear "daddy" being said near him a lot when we weren't around
  10. In my sister's room she would hear a dog walk up and down constantly at night and bark (of course she got the good ghost) except in addition she would hear an older man yell at the dog
    There was a man who died mowing the lawn in our yard before we lived there so it could be him
  11. My cat out of nowhere would get real stiff and her eyes would move around my room looking at nothing (sometime hissing) this happened a lot😩
  12. All of us had that feeling that someone was ALWAYS watching us
  13. And in the house before that my mom said she always felt a prescence of a ghost in me and my sisters room. The catch is it wasn't until like 10 years after we moved out that my oldest sister confessed the same and they had THE SAME exact image of the woman in their head
    My mom felt that she watched over us and wasn't harmful
  14. I'm probably forgetting some things but I don't care if you don't believe this but my whole family experienced weird stuff
  15. Update: the house itself
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    It doesn't even look inviting 😱