This is my first list on the new app ~ it feels like a sexy love affair💋 inspired by @tothemaxxx
  1. Weeks on list app: 12
  2. Person who invited me: @ian
  3. Total lists written: 111
  4. Lists I've favorited: 1993
    Birth year holla
  5. Lists I've re-listed: 195
  6. Lists I've saved: 11
  7. Number of drafts: 60
    I'm so addicted
  8. Longest time between lists: less than a week in the beginning now it's every day because I'm a ListApp whore
  9. My most liked list: Why I Now Realize That Was Abuse
    I actually cried because of the support I got - thank you ❤️
  10. My least liked list: snippets of conversations I heard out of context
    When I just started - it's really good I wish I waited to post
  11. Person I invited who has written the most lists: @sky a true gift to ListApp
  12. List Appers I've met: waiting for the Boston meet up 😘 other than the friends I already know
  13. My ListApp crush: too many to list honestly I have giant friend crushes on this whole app
  14. It's 3am now and I have my internship and work tomorrow but this felt like Christmas and I couldn't not wait for this gift
  15. Thank you for giving me something I care so deeply about
  16. outta dis bitch✌🏼️ (until I obsessively check it tomorrow😉)