The cat. He was the kind of cat that would stare you down as he knocked your glass of water off the table. He also ate my headphones. In draft form because I was hoping to find one last funny pic of him playing basketball🏀
  1. When my roommate first brought him home he looked so innocent
  2. He had massive paws and he loved chillen like this
  3. I knew things took a turn for the worst when he murdered SpongeBob
  4. I would leave the room and come back and he'd be at the computer like this.
  5. It was a constant thing. I think he actually had some secret accounts.
  6. And he had to be all cute about it to hide his cover
  7. Or he would just do this
  8. Again
  9. Pepperoni was a huge acrocat
  10. Spidercat
  11. He took Cha Cha classes
  12. @sky had a perfect opportunity and she took it
  13. And then also some interpretive
  14. @sky and I laughed so hard when this happened
  15. A catnip addict
  16. Yooooo I hated you this much (but also loved you this much)
  18. That time he was almost served for dinner
  19. Pep knew he was a boss bitch
  20. He fell asleep like this
  21. Fat a$$ got into his own food
  22. I wanted so hard to not like him sometimes but he always wiggled his way back into my heart