Memorial Day: Remembering Papa Flaherty WWII Navy Veteran

  1. His draft card
  2. They had to tread water for 3 hours to pass this test!
  3. He lied about his age by 2 years because he wanted to enter the war - sooo he was 16!!!
  4. On the right
  5. Top middle!
  6. Left
  7. 1941
  8. Left
  9. February 1943
  10. Middle
  11. I love this pic - there's the original Flaherty look if I ever did see it!
  12. His medals and badges ect.
  13. He went on to do great things. He was a cop and then became the chairman town selectman of Burlington, MA where he RAN that town. If you go there, there is a field with "Flaherty" in big words which was dedicated to him and our family when he passed away.
    That's my family at the dedication and my uncle throwing out the first pitch!
  14. People knew not to cross his path because he was known to mess with you bad if you did. Once a reporter wrote a bad article about him so he dragged him into the bathroom and gave him a swirly.
  15. He was a key person in the formation of Lahey Clinic (huge hospital in Burlington). The famous Dr. An Wang ( was quoted saying it wouldn't have existed without my Papa. Dr. An Wang was a close family friend and even paid for my father's education!
  16. Also was on Ted Kennedy's Christmas card list💅🏽
  17. Now there's the man I knew and loved! Flipping the camera off and embracing our Irish heritage 💚
  18. He nicknamed me Weasel and would regularly say "ink pink you stink" "póg mo thóin" and telling everyone he'll give them a knuckle sandwich (lovingly). He was known to sneak you his "abc" gum somehow and he always carried around a laser pointer which he would put on strangers (a lot of old lady's butts) in public and it made us all laugh.
    This pic is appropriate because it's on Memorial Day!
  19. He was the only grandparent I got to know, for the others passed away before I was born.
  20. I miss you Papa, thank you for everything. Happy Memorial Day, I love you.