Inspired by @dylan - luv yew @sky
  1. She was the color green for Halloween and was an hour late to hanging out
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  2. This pic because for awhile sky had the password to my photobucket account and would change my caption of "tool" to "not a tool"
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  3. Sky loved this poncho and wore it A LOT in 6th grade
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  4. A member of Gym Class Heroes decided to randomly hug sky and I tried to take a pic but didn't realize my camera was super zoomed in
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  5. Back when she was obsessed with Secret Life of The American Teenager
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  6. Back in our emo days we were like "haha this is the portal to hell"
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  7. Sky in the window of the toy store we both used to work at. If I'm outside taking a pic and she's in the window who is in the actual store? Great question
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  8. Reading some good ol manga
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  9. She was William Beckett for Halloween 😂
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  10. Self explanatory: plus she hates this one a lot
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  11. And this one
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  12. Cute lil college freshman sky
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  13. Her alter ego I call Shit Show Sky for when she gets v drunk
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  14. I stole her teddy bear and ran all the way down the street with it because I'm obnoxious
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  15. She has impeccable style
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  16. She searched everywhere but finally found her fav book
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  17. Watching Old Man Muffin as always
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  18. When we asked the waiter at PF Changs if the rice was actually bottomless because we couldn't afford another if it cost $
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  19. Another reason we shouldn't have been scheduled to work at the same time
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  20. Me squeezing ketchup on her back because she's afraid of ketchup/I take jokes too far a lot oops
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  21. I'm on this bed with one of my ex boyfriends and he has a boner (even tho we ain't doin shit) and sky happened to be sitting there and her face captures it perfectly
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  22. When my friends and I filled a bucket of water and dumped it on sky when she wasn't paying attention
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  23. Emo sky is my favorite sky
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  24. I am lucky she still wants to be friends with me.