Inspired by @dylan - luv yew @sky
  1. She was the color green for Halloween and was an hour late to hanging out
  2. This pic because for awhile sky had the password to my photobucket account and would change my caption of "tool" to "not a tool"
  3. Sky loved this poncho and wore it A LOT in 6th grade
  4. A member of Gym Class Heroes decided to randomly hug sky and I tried to take a pic but didn't realize my camera was super zoomed in
  5. Back when she was obsessed with Secret Life of The American Teenager
  6. Back in our emo days we were like "haha this is the portal to hell"
  7. Sky in the window of the toy store we both used to work at. If I'm outside taking a pic and she's in the window who is in the actual store? Great question
  8. Reading some good ol manga
  9. She was William Beckett for Halloween 😂
  10. Self explanatory: plus she hates this one a lot
  11. And this one
  12. Cute lil college freshman sky
  13. Her alter ego I call Shit Show Sky for when she gets v drunk
  14. I stole her teddy bear and ran all the way down the street with it because I'm obnoxious
  15. She has impeccable style
  16. She searched everywhere but finally found her fav book
  17. Watching Old Man Muffin as always
  18. When we asked the waiter at PF Changs if the rice was actually bottomless because we couldn't afford another if it cost $
  19. Another reason we shouldn't have been scheduled to work at the same time
  20. Me squeezing ketchup on her back because she's afraid of ketchup/I take jokes too far a lot oops
  21. I'm on this bed with one of my ex boyfriends and he has a boner (even tho we ain't doin shit) and sky happened to be sitting there and her face captures it perfectly
  22. When my friends and I filled a bucket of water and dumped it on sky when she wasn't paying attention
  23. Emo sky is my favorite sky
  24. I am lucky she still wants to be friends with me.