Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was 16 years old and said yes to the first boy who asked me to be his girlfriend
  2. He was kinda weird but like so am I so it worked for the time being
  3. We were in his basement watching Star Wars: A New Hope
  4. He stared me down and attacked my face
  5. Like it wasn't a kiss it was a make out eat your face for like 20 minutes non stop
  6. I was also new to this so I didn't protest but I never wanted to brush my teeth so bad
  7. We continued to date for 5 months grossly kissing
  8. But the guy is now a millionaire and I'm broke af
  9. He's asked me out to dinner a few times recently and I keep declining
  10. A million dollars is not worth a life of Chewbacca kisses
    Sorry Chewy *raaaaaaaaaa*
  11. Oh and I made this my status a couple weeks ago about seeing the force awakens and that's him commenting ABOUT THE STAR WARS BLANKET WE MADE OUT UNDER FOR MY FIRST KISS 6 YEARS AGO
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