1. I turned down a couple guys tonight. Alief why did you wear a suit to a casual bar. It's nice you put in the effort but relax brah.
  2. Andy told me I scared him. HIS FIRST QUESTION WAS DO I WANNA JOIN HIS WOLFPACK followed up with what shampoo do I use. Nooooo! I don't think he understood my sarcastic humor. He asked me not to arrest him since I'm a criminal justice major. Fucking yawn dude.
  3. I only went out tonight to catch up with an old friend but that didn't really happen and I had to walk alone drunk through the city to the train. Haha awesome night! I add to the regret from my previous list.
  4. @sky talked with me til I got on the train she's a good friend everyone worship her
  5. @minabird texted me til my sanity came back so thank you my mami lani I love you til after death
  6. I think me and my boyfriend are breaking up.
  7. Im@going to go make do waffles and go to sleep.
  8. Good night list app sorry for this drunk list