She was the worst, one of those people everyone loves cuz they don't know how she really is. I was nice to her regardless and she blocked my roommates and I on social media when she moved out after trying to take our money... BYE!! inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Asked the Portraits of America/Boston guy to take her picture and post it
    Normally he meets people on the street that intrigue him. But she sought him out to get publicity and made herself sound like a saint when the person she talked about in her post visited and she dumped her on us and her other friends. All the comments were so supportive and like "OMG wish I was this girl's bff" because of writing about the girl she dropped...
  2. Asked Children's Hospital to make her be the patient of the day and posted a picture of her in a prom dress.
    SHE IS 22! I know you love yourself but don't take away from the kids...I was a long term patient there and having her face on their page made me feel sick
  3. I left a donut in a bag on the table and she asked if it was hers.
  4. My other roommate and I discussed how our exes now like the same girl and she asked if it was her
    Really? Really...really?
  5. She baked fiber one muffins as a late birthday present to my other roommate and then took them back
    What a shitty gift
  6. Playing the same bad pop song on repeat for hours
    This is not an exaggeration. She would like 1 song at a time and play it on repeat for literally hours. She was into tween age music..
  7. She's one of those people who thinks they can sing so they sing all the time
    Girl there's a reason you never made it into the acapella groups at your school
  8. Used all my guy friends
    One bought her groceries and she didn't pay him back, one carried her books for her, multiple people gave her rides, and she even had the nerve to invite one into her bed when he had a girlfriend and then was super friendly to his girlfriend after.
  9. Hung up pictures of herself around the whole house (some in frames) this is a real pic
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    She was obsessed with herself
  10. One of her wall decorations in the living room was a white horse that says "if wishes were horses" WHAT DA FUQ DOES THAT EVEN MEAN
  11. Never showered
    And cried to us that her boss told her she stunk like girl YOU DO
  12. And in that way made a shared closet smell like ripe onions 😪
  13. She originally moved in with us because she was high school friends with my other roommate and she became SO rude to her that she would not return her messages when she did absolutely nothing.
  14. She would leave an inch of milk in a cup in the fridge for days on end. When we dumped it out she would do it again.
  15. Ugh. So not comparable to my other roommate but just a narcissist who wasn't the best human.
  16. @minabird left this open in case you wanna add anything lol
  17. Filled our apartment with useless junk from the transfer station such as a fish bowl full of plastic Cinderella slippers
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  18. She would clip her toenails and scrub the insane amount of dead skin off her feet while sitting on the couch or right in the middle of our bedroom floor. Like maybe do that in the bathroom over the trashcan? ?
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  19. Made us split a court fee with her when she got in trouble for a late rent payment
    Meanwhile her mommy and daddy are wealthy AF
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  20. Constantly had us helping her with various school projects, but never reciprocated that help
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  21. Used baby talk wayyyyy too much and in a voice that was wayyyy too high pitched and squeaky
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  22. Her all time favorite shows ever: Hawaii 5.0 (but would hold her hands over her face as she watched because it was "too scary"), The Bachelor (*gags*), and The Royals (some show on E! that was truly the worst shit I've ever seen)
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