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    He taught Stephanie it's okay to wear glasses. Also loved his cameos in shows during that time!
  2. •
    The Beach Boys
    They were on so many episodes. What was the connection??? They get around I guess.
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    Walter "Duck Face"
    Stephanie is taught a good lesson on bullying...but who knew he started a social media apocalypse
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    He's so fuckin cute. And he's the real life little brother of my top 5 set of twins, Tia and Tamera of "Sister, SistAH!"
    Suggested by   @olive
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    Stephanie's first husband. He was adorable and treated her right.
  6. •
    DJ got married to him by walking around a table. He was sweet as hell and told Danny she was the most beautiful woman in the world to which Danny responded "she's okay." Thank you @lenadunham for the suggestion 😎
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    If DJ couldn't be with Steve I was definitley Team Viper.
  8. •
    Rusty was a lil asshole who was the son of one of Danny's girlfriends. He wrote a love letter that got passed around and caused chaos - doesn't he have a thing for Stephanie?
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    Shorty the Donkey
    Three's company tooooo🎶🐴
  10. •
    Kevin Gwyn
    HE DRANK BEER UNDERAGE AND IT WAS THE BIGGEST DEAL🍺🍺🍺 good thing he came clean so DJ wouldn't get in trouble.
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    Mean girl prototype.
    Suggested by   @abbyzeecee
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    Jake Bitterman
    He and Kimmy hated each other, but after a round of spin the bottle, they were dating! Just like that. Love is rare.
    Suggested by   @sky
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    "Whatever" is all Kimmy's boyfriend who she almost married in Reno would say
  14. •
    Kathy Santoni
    She was supposed to be the hot popular girl. I beg to differ.
  15. •
    Nelson was a smart-ass and the complete opposite of Viper, who was his competition.
    Suggested by   @sky
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    Davey Chu
    He just needed to win the spelling bee so bad...what a brat.
  17. •
    I just remember him sticking his tongue out a lot and being annoying to Michelle.
  18. •
    STAVROS!! Uncle Jesse's hustling cousin who steals from all of them - 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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    Vicky's mom
    She swoops in out of NOWHERE, redecorated Stephanie and Michelle's room, and 20 years later, I'm still trying to recreate that pastel masterpiece in my own home.
    Suggested by   @betsy
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    Darla and Debbie
    DO THESE GIRLS NOT LOOK LIKE THEY BELONG IN THE SHINING? They also prefer store bought cookies... Thank god Nicky and Alex beat them in the twin contest.
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    Stephanie is better at baseball than you suck it up.⚾️
  22. •
    Michael Montfort
    Dj's first boyfriend who dumps her for Kathy Santoni because she's "pretty" ummmm DJ grows up flawless shame on you Michael. Whatever more for Steve.
  23. •
    Dick and Donna
    Becky's snobby cousins come to down to just suck the souls out of everyone - yet their boring daughters lose (obviously) and I'm glad Jesse ordered a lobster when they paid for dinner.