1. First off the obvious thank you to the lovely people who made this even possible for us @dev @bjnovak @Nicholas @jeremysomething @sophia ect you not only created an awesome new app but you made a home
  2. I know that's lame as fuck but it's true! Opening ListApp is the the same feeling for me as coming home after a long day
  3. Thank you to everyone for sharing your lives with us and letting us see who you really are whether it be a personal story, something to make us all laugh, professionally related or Idk just something really fuckin cool
  4. I posted about my most personal life moments on here - why? Because I felt safe.
  5. I really need to thank the support this app has given me - @RachelP posted a list that inspired me to post mine. I came to terms about what had happened to me and I had never shared that story with anyone other than a couple friends. It finally registered how wrong it was for I was never able to really deal with it but this community helped so much
  6. Thanks for letting me share my weird humor and my outrageously numbered Star Wars lists (and sorry there will definitley be more coming)
  7. Funfact: The way I got the people I invited to join was calling it "the adult tumblr" and it's safe to say this has taken over as my go to social media
  8. Thank you @john for draft week - it was one of my favorite parts about my time here and a great excuse to share my ListApp Seinfeld list. Somehow I still have 60 drafts 😱
  9. I think almost every conversation I start these days with @sky and @dylan starts with "OMG did you see ___'s list"
  10. Thanks to our 3 wise men @ChrisK @evanp @gwcoffey as @originalamericantrt amazingly put it. Your lists, comments, relists ect are all amazing and you are the faces of ListApp to me
  11. And now I'm with a couple of my favorite listappers @sky & @sebastian which is a lovely way to end my night 💋
  12. I feel like I made some real friends on here and happily have connected with others via other social media. Feel free to call me beep me if ya wanna reach me.