As I was moving I stumbled onto an old journal which was fun to flip through
  1. I wrote about work that day entirely in Yoda speak
  2. Clooney v. Lopez
  3. How the ability to choose is a privilege
  4. "To be a Seed"
  5. Get A Life
    It's all Haikus
  6. I wrote in the shape of a chicken
    E814c9a1 63a2 4dec b6c0 85e3fac23f21
  7. Newburyport Is...
  8. How Grandma met Grandpa
  9. Never Enough
  10. Toxic Sanity
  11. Praying Mantis
  12. What Makes Me Angry
  13. When I first realized my father was human
  14. College
  15. Time for the Unnecessary
  16. Who cares???
  17. Don't Ever Tell
  18. One-Eyed Horse
  19. 10 Things I Hate About You
  20. You are not what you think
  21. To Warn Beforehand
  22. Another Reason I Dont Start: