1. •
    The green potato chip
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    The one that people think they are gonna die from but lowkey is the best
  2. •
    DW's snowball
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    Just let me melt
  3. •
    Mr. Ratburn busting in with "Are you having cake?!"
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    Because like...CAKE IS GOOD🍰 I drew this yearzzzz ago
  4. •
    Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll
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    I too have a dark side
  5. •
    OG Arthur
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    We both haven't peaked yet
  6. •
    The military lice
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    When I was a small child with lice my mom said I proudly exclaimed I had a family of bugs on my head
  7. •
    Arthur's lucky pencil
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    I also get strangely attatched to the weirdest shit that I don't need to be
  8. •
    Being annoyed at hearing "crazy bus" constantly
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    My old roommate had this thing where she picked the worst song constantly and kept it on repeat
  9. •
    DW's spinach pie
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    I too transitioned from spinach hater to lowkey Popeye
  10. •
    And most importantly Binky saying "Cold Pizzaaaa"
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