1. @bjnovak! We met in Harvard Square for your "Book With No Pictures" tour which is an amazing book. Not the best pic of us but it's proof!
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  2. Okay so he didn't really meet me but this is a pic of Evan Peters pointing at me and @minabird because of our shared love for Bo Burnham and we all cheered together
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  3. @erichutchinson you performed a concert on the waterfront of my hometown of Newburyport and me and @sky met you!
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  4. William Becket - I've met him 100000 times but most likely does not remember me
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  5. Stephanie Meyer - there was a time when Twilight was cool I swear
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  6. Lois Lowrey - author of The Giver she came to my school as part of the Newburyport literary festival
  7. All Time Low - numerous times and here's Jack Barakat
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  8. Me and Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship)
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  9. One of the new characters in Orange Is The New Black - she's my friend's cousin and I met her at a bar because he wanted to meet up with her while we were in New York
  10. This guy at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin - he gave me his email to send him this photo because he thought he looked like a model. However the email didn't work so I never got it to him. If anyone sees the man on the right tell him I have his picture.
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  11. Deval Patrick - former MA governor. I helped his campaign and shook his hand. This pic was from when I saw Obama speak at Patrick's rally. James Taylor performed too which was awesome!
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  12. When I met the one, the only, Darth Vader! Big moment for me guys.
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