1. Con: I'm not going to Europe
  2. Con: My mom put together a huge packet of files "incase this turns into a Disney family movie"
    Meaning that THE PARENTS DIE thanks mom
  3. Con: Their internet sucks because the wise words of the Comcast guy told them to put the router in the basement
  4. Con: I have to wake up super early to take care of my pets
  5. Con: My mom told me what to do if my cat dies
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    She's super old and sick 😿 poor bby
  6. Con: Commuting to Boston
    Almost 2 hours blah
  7. Pro: I'm having my friends come stay with me
  8. Pro: I can smoke and enjoy coffee on the porch every morning
  9. Pro: Watch movies I can't afford with their unnecessary cable package
  10. Pro: Hangout with my dog all day
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  11. Pro: They just took me to the grocery store and let me get 2 weeks worth of food that I actually want to eat