It keeps malfunctioning and I've had it with this lil white shit box
  1. It's a disappointment for Nintendo like come on you guys are so good and you know it so why this why the wii?
  2. Wii sports was fun but led to me whacking whoever I played against a lot (tennis/boxing)
  3. It's currently my only gaming system that connects to the Internet (broken Xbox & too poor 😢) and it's really bad with apps. Netflix barely works and constantly stops. APPARENTLY WII WOULD NOT LIKE TO PLAY YOU LIARS! And I need Netflix at all times because I need to fall asleep watching The Office or Parks and Rec!!!
  4. The music - it's the perfect brainless music that I will catch myself dancing along with it (severe head bobbing included)
  5. THE CONTROLLER! Do you know how many acrobatic positions I find myself doing just to get it to line up with the censor? DO YOU?
  6. @sky walked in the other day to me making mii's. BUT IT WAS BECAUSE IT WASNT CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET AND WHAT ELSE CAN I DO