My first addition to Draft week~
  1. Everyone is really nice and super supportive
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  2. You can talk to anyone and it's not weird
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  3. No matter who you are we all just treat each other as regular humans and that's cool because regardless of our success we all have an inner Kramer
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  4. The creators are 💯
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  5. I haven't read a list I didn't enjoy to some degree
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  6. It's not weird to get too personal
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  7. It's nice to see into the window of people's lives outside my usual bubble
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  8. I found out everyone watches Seinfeld with their parents which may be my favorite part.
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  9. @john is on the app
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    Suggested by @sky
  10. It provides genuinely useful info, like city guides and recipes and tips for self-improvement!
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    Suggested by @carey