1. @sky's graphic design breakthrough was with her first album design titled "Rockin', Rainbow Fruit" very interesting punctuation use Sky
  2. As part of one of her early 2000's bday parties she gave out this cd as a party favor
  3. Track 1: Hello, Goodbye/The Beatles
  4. Track 2: Oh, Oh...Yeah/A*TEENS
  5. Track 3: Partical Man/They Might Be Giants
    This song was a crucial awakening for me
  6. Track 4: All I Can Do/Jump 5
  7. Track 5: The Math/Hilary Duff
    Her dad has a home video of all of us pretending to be a band rocking out to this gem
  8. Track 6: To The Music/A*TEENS
  9. Track 7: Hot Rod/The Collins Kids
  10. Track 8: It's On The Rocks/The Donnas
  11. Track 9: Heavy Metal Drummer/Wilco
  12. Track 10: Upside Down/A*TEENS
  13. Track 11: Bird House In Your Soul/They Might Be Giants
  14. Track 12: This Year/A*TEENS
    Bet you didn't see ANOTHER A*Teens track comin
  15. Track 13: Elephant Man/Suede
  16. Track 14: A Hard Days Night/The Beatles
  17. My take away is that 10 year old Sky had a very mature music taste