In middle school I went from wearing shirts with cats on them to a long lasting Emo phase
  1. A cat with its paws up saying "Hug Me"
    5th grade was rough
  2. A light blue shirt with a small sequin dolphin in the top corner
  3. A "baseball" style shirt with blue sleeves and a red smiley heart in the middle
  4. A light pink shirt with Hilary Duff's face on it
    From my first concert ever
  5. Lots and lots of windbreakers
  6. A shirt that said "Guess" in sequins
    My friend Chrissy always pronounced it "Gus" and I'd get upset
  7. A RENT black T
    Started the black shirt trend
  8. A Wicked black T
    The Musical, not the boston slang for a great black tshirt
  9. A My Chemical Romance Black Parade shirt
    From my first "adult" concert
  10. A HIM shirt where butterfly wings were being ripped off a butterfly
    Deep in the Emo phase
  11. ONLY black t-shirts
    Started in 8th grade and still somewhat relevant